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The Tattoo Museum Basel is represented throughout the world with Ambassadors representing their country and tattooing culture. Our ambassadors are involved in the presentation of artifacts, donating to our collections, designing artwork and flash,  passing on historical notes,  and sharing tattoo history with the TMB. These tattoo industry professionals are dedicated to the Art of Tattooing and have chosen to support the TMB, we ask that you support them too!

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Photo of Stan Corona
Tattoo Artist Good Time Charlies Tattooland
Work GTC`s Tattooland 2641 W Lincoln Ave Anaheim Ca USA Work Phone: +1 714-827-2071 Website: GTC`s Tattooland
Categories: International Ambassadors, Tattoo Artist
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Photo of Mike Davis
Everlasting Tattoo
Work EVERLASTING TATTOO 813 Divisadero St San Francisco CA 94115 USA Work Phone: +1 415-928-6244 Website: ​Everlasting Tattoo
Categories: International Ambassadors, Tattoo Artist
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Photo of Elio Espana
Tattoo Artist ADK Tattoo
Work ADK Tattoo Studio 245 Poplar St Constable NY USA Work Phone: +1 518-483-0445
Categories: International Ambassadors, Tattoo Artist
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Photo of Shotsie Gorman
Tat Gallery /Shotsie’s Tattoo?
Work Tarot Art & Tattoo Gallery 17977 Sonoma Hwy Sonoma California USA Work Phone: +1 707-938-3000 Website: Tarot Art & Tattoo Gallery
Categories: International Ambassadors
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Photo of Tokyo Hiro
Tattoo Artist Tokyo Hiro Designs
Work Los Angeles california USA
Categories: International Ambassadors, Tattoo Artist
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Photo of Norm Loves Letters
Love Letters Tattoo
Work Love Letters Tattoo Studio 128 S La Brea Ave Los Angeles Ca USA Website: Tattoo Machines by NORM

Biographical Info

For over a decade now, the name “NORM” has evolved throughout the art world. His passions have become his life, constantly moving forward, and thinking bigger.

Norm’s main influences lay in the very foundation of his art; the streets. His choice of imagery, tone, and wonder, are all the pieces to this familiar life. With the support of the AWR/MSK family, Norm rose through the ranks of the graffiti world, using the tools given to him to excel in his goals. He turned his love of urban culture into fine art. Ranging from his paintings of beautiful women altered by hand, miniature constructs of ghetto city scenes, and his drive to never stop tattooing, failure is definitely not an option. His patience and drive keep him moving, learning, and progressing as an artist. And now, tattooing has taken him into the future. He produces his own unique style; a body of work that ranges in all forms, but keeps its own identity.

A true precisionist, Norm has also ventured into tattoo machine building, creating uncanny tools of the trade used the world over by renowned artists. Now located in Honolulu, Hawaii; Norm has recently opened his very own private studio available by appointment only. Although he is traveling most of the year, he manages the majority of his time between Hawaii and Los Angeles.

Categories: International Ambassadors, Machine Builder, Tattoo Artist
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Photo of Eric Perfect
Tattoo Artist Kadillac Tattoo Deuce
Work Kadillac Tattoo 7102 Germantown Ave Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Work Phone: +1 267-385-6654 Website: Kadillac Kolors
Categories: International Ambassadors, Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Supply
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Work Salt Lake City Utah USA Website: The Wandering Host / IG
Categories: International Ambassadors, Tattoo Artist
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