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The Tattoo Museum Basel is represented throughout the world with Ambassadors representing their country and tattooing culture. Our ambassadors are involved in the presentation of artifacts, donating to our collections, designing artwork and flash,  passing on historical notes,  and sharing tattoo history with the TMB. These tattoo industry professionals are dedicated to the Art of Tattooing and have chosen to support the TMB, we ask that you support them too!

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Photo of Mehai Bakaty
Fineline Tattoo NYC
Work Fineline Tattoo 21 First Avenue New York NY 10003 United States Work Phone: +1 212 673-5154 Website: Fineline Tattoo

Biographical Info

Mehai Bakaty is a second-generation tattoo artist, who has been tattooing for over 25 years. Born and raised in New York’s Lower East Side, he worked with his father Mike Bakaty during the city’s tattoo prohibition. When the ban was lifted in 1997, the Bakatys opened Fineline Tattoo in the Lower East Side. Mehai specializes in contemporary American tattooing with a Japanese influence. His work has been shown in various gallery and museum shows, and on The Learning Channel and other U.S. and foreign television programs.

Mehai Bakaty has donated to the TMB his fathers collection and memorabilia from a tattooing career that spanned over 40 years.

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