Meeting 25.02

1st Informal Meeting


Dave Holm

Valentin Steinmann

Andy Hirt (Gally)

Jacquelin Spoerliè

Werner Brunner

Christian Ngyuen

 Michael Schraner


  • Museum Mission and Purpose
  • Code of Ethics
  • Registration
  • Acquisitions and accessioning
  • Valid title, provenance, and due diligence
  • Sensitive and protected materials
  • Appraisals and authentications
  • Deaccessioning and disposals
  • Return and restitution
  • Cataloging, numbering, and marking
  • Inventory
  • Loans
  • Condition reporting and glossary/standards
  • Documentation
  • Preservation of Collections
  • Collections storage
  • Collections handling and moving
  • Photography
  • the use of income for ticket sales
  • the use of income from the museum shop
  • items that may be sold in the museum shop
  • pay (compensation) for workers
  • taxation
  • purchasing and accounting processes
  • corrupt practices and conflicts of interest
  • Acquisition
  • Accessioning/Deaccessioning
  • Collection care and use
  • Loans
  • Exhibits
  • Public programming and education
  • Human resources
  • Financial resources
  • Staff evaluation
  • Health and safety of staff and visitors
  • Facility (premises) maintenance
  • Facility (premises) use
  • Natural disasters and hazard


Director / Direktor


Deputy Director/ Stellvertretender Direktor

Director’s Assistant / Direktionsassistenz

Departments / Wissenschaftliche Abteilungen


South-East Asia
South, Central and East Asia


Education and Outreach / Bildung & Vermittlung


Public Relations / Öffentlichkeitsarbeit


Administration / Verwaltung

 (Head of Department)

Secretariat / Sekretariat

 (Head of department)

Book-keeping / Buchhaltung

Personnel Administration / Personaladministration

Design and Technology / Gestaltung & Technik

 (Head of department)

Collection and Stocks / Sammlungsverwaltung

 (Head of department)

Administration of the Collections Documentation / Sammlungsdatenbank

Conservation and Restoration / Konservierung & Restaurierung

 (Head of department)

Library / Bibliothek


Photo Archives / Fotoarchiv

Photo Studio / Fotoatelier

Information Technology / Informatik

Caretaker/caretaking services / Haustechnik und Infrastruktur

 (Head of department)

Front Services

 (Head of department)

(Deputy head of department)

Museum Commission / Museumskommission