Sponsoring and Supporting Tattoo Museum Basel

Patrons |Private Donations

One of our most valued groups of tattoo art enthusiasts and philanthropists, Patrons are committed to the preservation and celebration of one of the world`s tattoo history museums. Patron dues keep our doors open 7 days a week to a diverse audience of visitors; that’s something to be truly proud of.

Patrons |Private Donations

Patrons receive a wide range of benefits and privileges including exclusive event invitations and insider curatorial access the growing collection of historic objects & tattoo artwork. Join our museum and become a passive or active member today. Single Needle Membership CHF 50- (passive)  Tattoo Flash Membership (active) CHF 150-

Tattoo Artists | Collectors

Tattoo Artists

If you are a tattoo artist and would like to introduce the Tattoo Museum’s curators to your work.
Submit art work, including tattoo flash in the form of JPGs or a URL where we can view the work online.


If you are a tattoo artifact collector who would like to offer works of art or objects from your collection to the Tattoo Museum Basel
Please provide us with as much information as possible about the work, including artist, date, medium, size and provenance information (history of ownership).

Corporate Sponsors


Supporting the Tattoo Museum in Basel is a way of associating your company image with a cultural institution dedicated to preserving tattoo history, culture, and the craft of tattooing…We are Non-Profit educational institution . Guided by its mission, the Tattoo Museum Basel provides public access to its collections while ensuring their preservation.