Sponsoring and Supporting Tattoo Museum Basel

Patrons |Private Donations

One of our most valued groups of tattoo art enthusiasts and philanthropists, Patrons are committed to the preservation and celebration of one of the world`s tattoo history museums. Patron dues keep our doors open 7 days a week to a diverse audience of visitors; that’s something to be truly proud of.

Patrons |Private Donations

Patrons receive a wide range of benefits and privileges including exclusive event invitations and insider curatorial access the growing collection of historic objects & tattoo artwork. Join our museum and become a passive or active member today. Single Needle Membership CHF 50- (passive)  Tattoo Flash Membership (active) CHF 150-

Tattoo Artists | Collectors

Tattoo Artists

If you are a tattoo artist and would like to introduce the Tattoo Museum’s curators to your work.
Submit art work, including tattoo flash in the form of JPGs or a URL where we can view the work online.


If you are a tattoo artifact collector who would like to offer works of art or objects from your collection to the Tattoo Museum Basel
Please provide us with as much information as possible about the work, including artist, date, medium, size and provenance information (history of ownership).

Corporate Sponsors


Supporting the Tattoo Museum in Basel is a way of associating your company image with a cultural institution dedicated to preserving tattoo history, culture, and the craft of tattooing…We are Non-Profit educational institution . Guided by its mission, the Tattoo Museum Basel provides public access to its collections while ensuring their preservation.

Patronage and Sponsorship

Support the Tattoo Museum in Basel

Supporting the Tattoo Museum in Basel is a way of associating your company image with a cultural institution dedicated to preserving tattoo artwork, artifacts, memorabilia with respect for the history, culture, and craft of tattooing.

The Tattoo Museum in Basel has its finger on acquiring new artifacts, memorabilia, tattoo related artwork, in artistic creation and, by means of a chronological and thematic presentation of its collection, it offers visitors a wide overview of tattoo history past, present and the future.

The collection is continually growing since Dave Holm undertook this tattoo museum project, also thanks to the many generous gifts from tattoo artists, tattoo collectors and related companies involved in the tattoo industry.

An ambitious exhibition program featuring tattooing history of past and present enables the Tattoo Museum’s public to discover or rediscover major tattoo artists, tattoo machine builders, tattoo supply companies, of the past and present, and also to become familiar with the latest tattooing trends.


Many ways of supporting the Basel Tattoo Museum

Temporary exhibitions

Supporting an exhibition gives special visibility to your company as well as an opportunity to organize private events around a prestigious cultural event that corresponds to your values, your company image, and your sponsorship policy.

Acquisition and/or restoration of works and objects in the permanent collection

As a contribution to the development of the museums collection, your company can acquire a work on behalf of the Tattoo Museum, or help restore one of its objects.
This kind of support enables the Museum to carry out one of its important vocations: the preservation and enhancement of important, historical tattoo related artworks, memorabilia, and tools of the trade.

Cultural outreach

Supporting the Tattoo Museum’s social and tattoo art events reaches a wide variety of the public: children, teenagers, senior citizens, disadvantaged groups, handicapped people, etc.
Art gallery events, , tattoo art coloring books for children, thematic visits, and other activities regularly organized around exhibitions and the permanent collection, in order to make tattooing history accessible to the widest possible audience.
You can support the overall activities of our cultural service, choose particular projects to support, or you can support the activities for one particular exhibition.


Advantages reserved exclusively for our sponsors

Unique visibility

When you support a project at the Tattoo Museum in Basel, you benefit from wide visibility on our advertising material: poster campaigns in the city and on the metro, invitation cards, press kits and press releases, our Internet site, social media, brochures and flyers for visitors, advertising inserts, partnership panels, exhibition catalogs, etc.

A prestigious venue for public relations events

You can organize private events in the heart of Basel, in the prestigious setting of the Museum and its collection of tattooing history. You are in a position to invite your clients and collaborators to visit the exhibition, privatized for the occasion or alternatively private visits can also be organized.

Privileged access to the exhibition

You can receive priority passes, invitation cards to the exhibition opening, as well as catalogs (personalized or not).
These advantages apply whatever the object of the sponsorship (tattoo conventions, exhibitions, cultural outreach, acquisition or restoration of artifacts, memorabilia or original artwork and prints).