Our Mission…

Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel – Preserving Tattoo History Past & Present…

Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel seeks to steward the cultural appreciation of tattooing as an art form and as a form of personal expression. The objective to establish the Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel as a premium destination for people living within Switzerland as well as travelers to Basel who appreciate Tattoo art, design, history, and culture. As such, the Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel objective is to curate a collection and develop programs designed to provide continuously reliable exhibitions, events, and services promoting good relations and mutual benefits to the Swiss museum culture at large.

Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel intends to build, manage, and display the visual and cultural history of
Tattooing. Primary focus will be on Swiss tattoo artists and the tattoo industry within Switzerland. However, international Tattoo history and Tattoo artists will also be used to tell the stories of Swiss tattoo artists and the history of Tattooing.
The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel will also be an interactive museum. Permanent collections will be
displayed alongside interactive computerized systems and live events. There will also be a tattoo
studio, cafe, lecturer hall, and space for tattoo-related workshops. Aperos and live events featuring
music or other artistic performances will occur regularly.

Staking claim to the rich heritage of Swiss tattoo artists, the museum serves as a testament to the individualistic character of tattooed people in Switzerland while honoring the labor and skill of the Tattoo artists.

Our collaborations with local tattoo artists here in Switzerland, international tattoo artists from abroad, tattoo aficionados  and other tattoo museums worldwide have brought us into the global tattoo conversation and places  the museum securely within in history. Our presentation of international guest artists, events, and tattoo artist workshops serves to create a new artistic platform in Basel – one that brings together the urban street and
underground art scene with a more high-brow museum culture.

⇒ Displaying an appreciation and respect for the history, culture, and craft of tattooing.
⇒ Reach out to the general public as a cultural and educational institution in Basel, Switzerland.
⇒ Present Swiss & International Tattooing Culture​
⇒ Appreciation & Education ​Of The Art
⇒ Historical Preservation​ & Research
⇒ Public Access &  Display​
“The Swiss Ttattoo Museum Basel is a non-profit, permanent institution in the service of society and its development, open to the public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity and its environment for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment.”

STMB Ethics

  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel is a good steward of its resources held in the public trust.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel identifies the communities it serves, and makes appropriate decisions in how it serves them.
  • Regardless of its self-identified communities, the Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel strives to be a good neighbor in its geographic area.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel strives to be inclusive and offers opportunities for diverse participation.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel asserts its public service role and places education at the center of that role.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel demonstrates a commitment to providing the public with physical and intellectual access to the Tattoo Museum Basel and its resources.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel is committed to public accountability and is transparent in its mission and its operations.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel complies with local, state, and federal laws, codes, and regulations applicable to its facilities, operations, and administration.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel owns, exhibits, or uses collections that are appropriate to its mission.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel legally, ethically, and effectively manages, documents, cares for, and uses the collections.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel`s collections-related research is conducted according to appropriate scholarly standards.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel strategically plans for the use and development of its collections.
  • Guided by its mission, the Tattoo Museum Basel provides public access to its collections while ensuring their preservation.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel legally, ethically, and responsibly acquires, manages, and allocates its financial resources in a way that advances its mission.
  • The Swiss Tattoo Museum Basel operates in a fiscally responsible manner that promotes its long-term sustainability.