Support the Swiss Tattoo Museum for Future Generations, Make a Donation

If you would enjoy the Tattoo museum or if you believe in our mission to preserve the art of tattooing, we ask you to make a contribution. Donate and help us realize this project with startup costs and keep the doors open..

Donating Artwork, Artifacts, Materials, Memorabilia & Objects

The Tattoo Museum in Basel is very grateful to those who donate objects to its collection, it is through such generosity that our collection of tattoo culture and history continues to grow.

The Museum collects artifacts, artwork, tattoo flash, documents, and historical memorabilia that illuminate the diverse social, cultural, economic, political, military, and religious history of Tattooing.

We are particularly interested in filling in the gaps in our collection in the following areas:

  • Ethnic and cultural-specific items from diverse populations
  • Items related to tattoo supply industry and business
  • Wartime items from all wars , only those connected directly to tattooing
  • Vintage artwork, tattoo flash, portfolios, business signs and business cards
  • Tattooing tools and equipment
  • Any vintage postcards, photos, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, posters
  • New artwork, flash, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, business cards, posters, flyers

We welcome donations from private donors and inquiries from tattoo artists, tattoo enthusiasts, tattoo supply companies, and members of the general public wishing to donate items. Through your generous donations, we are able to build our collection, preserve and make available your submissions of cultural objects for future generations.

Join us in becoming Ambassadors to our beloved art and trade of tattooing.

Please note that we will need to examine closely materials that have been stored in garages, attics, or basements or areas that are at high risk for exposure to pests, water, or substances that could cause irreparable damage and due to the high cost of processing and storing materials, we reserve the right to refuse the gift of any materials that the curator considers unsuitable as an addition to the collections.

Conditions of Acceptance

Large donations must be reviewed prior to delivery and may require a site visit by an curator. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they become the property of Tattoo Museum in Basel upon receipt, and that the curators may make all necessary decisions as to their retention and disposition. A Deed of Gift must be signed and dated before the donation of materials.


The curators of the Tattoo Museum will make written acknowledgment of all gifts and donations. Acknowledgments typically include the date of receipt, brief description of the gift.  Museum exhibition objects will each include the following information for public viewing and interaction via multiple media channels;

  • Item Description
  • Date of Receipt
  • Patrons Name
  • Business Information
  • QR-Code & NFC Chip Connection to Museums Intranet
  • QR-Code & NFC Chip Connection Internet Links

Tattoo Museum will recognize you as an Ambassador for the Tattoo Museum, through our online directory with your name, website, social media links and contact information.

We do not provide itemized lists of items received.

Several issues must be considered in the decision to accept an object. Common issues include:

  • Is the object relevant to the Tattoo Museum’s mission and its scope of collecting, as defined by its governing body?
  • Was the object lawfully acquired and if foreign in origin, imported in compliance with international law?
  • Does the owner of an object have legal title to the object and therefore the right to transfer it?
  • Are there any other parties with an interest in the object (e.g. heirs of a donor, descendant groups for cultural objects, etc.)?
  • Is the object encumbered by any legal obligations or constraints (e.g., natural history objects that require special permits)?
  • Would the object pose any threats or dangers to other objects or staff?
  • Does the museum have the resources to properly care for the object (e.g., appropriate storage space, adequate funding)
  • Is the object encumbered by any donor restrictions?


The curators of the Tattoo Museum cannot legally appraise the gifts made to it nor do we recommend specific appraisers.

I will make a donation only if I can set certain conditions for my object. Are you still interested?

Donation stipulations including, but not limited to, donor recognition and display requirements are not in line with modern museum practices. Many museums find themselves devoting resources trying to adhere to or resolve these types of issues, and we certainly do not wish to create similar problems for our successors.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us