Body Art Tattoo Museum Exhibitions

The Body Art Tattoo Museum has both Permanent Exhibitions and  Rotating Exhibitions.

Permanently On Display in Euken

  • Vintage Tattoo Photos & Postcards
  • Living & Deceased International Tattoo Legends Recognized
  • Lyle Tuttle Exhibit | American Tattoo Legend
  • Legendary Japanese Artist | Horihide – Kazuo Oguri
  • Estate of “Tattoo Werner” St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Over 18 – Separate Display of Erotic Artwork & Objects
  • Antique & Vintage Tattoo Memorabilia
  • Historical Publications, Artifacts, Rare Books and Magazines
  • Collection of Electric Tattoo Machines, Tattoo Equipment & Tools of the Trade
  • Tattoo Business Cards, Tattoo Convention Posters, Stickers & Flyers
  • National and International Tattoo Themed Artwork

Rotating Exhibitions

*Each month the Body Art Tattoo Museum will recognize and present both Swiss and International Tattoo Artists. Artists will present their Tattoo Flash, Paintings, Tattoos and other creative endeavors both physically and digitally.