Museum Policies

Tattoo Museum Policies

Welcome to the Tattoo Museum Basel. The Tattoo Museum is committed to providing memorable experiences to every visitor (both on-site and online) and to safeguarding and preserving the collections it presents. The policies on photography, filmingrights & reproduction, and the Tattoo Museum’s website outlined here are in place to ensure that the Tattoo Museum in Basel can deliver on its commitment; please read these carefully.

Visiting the Tattoo Museum

When visiting the Tattoo Museum, please respect a few simple rules:

  • No touching the artwork: The oil from your hands is damaging.

  • No food, beverages, or gum

  • No backpacks or large bags permitted in galleries: An unattended coatroom and lockers are available at a fee for storage.

  • No umbrellas

  • No pens or markers: Sketching in the galleries is welcome, but with pencil only.

  • Please silence your cell phones

  • Please be watchful of small children. If visiting with a child, read some of our family friendly tips on preparing for a trip to the Tattoo Museum.

Photography & Film

Individuals interested in licensing images of the Tattoo Museum for commercial use are encouraged to read the Tattoo Museum’s licensing policyPermission must be granted to use images of the Tattoo Museum in a non-Tattoo Museum context. For more information, contact us. For information on “licensing images of the collection” please refer to the Tattoo Museum rights & reproduction policy.

Photography in exhibition rooms and the galleries is allowed with the following conditions:

  • No flash, monopods, tripods, or large camera bags

  • Photography of the Tattoo Museum Collection is permitted for private, non-commercial use. Photographs may not be reproduced, distributed, or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever.

  • Only works owned by the Tattoo Museum in its Collection galleries may be photographed. Refer to the text labels located near each artwork: Tattoo Museum-owned works will have an accession number (e.g., TMB2019.01) listed on its label. Please consult a Tattoo Museum Representative if you are not sure.

  • All commercial, wedding, and portrait photography must be approved by the Film and Photo Coordinator. For information please contact us

Model Usage Rights

The Tattoo Museum has made every effort to obtain permission to use images of event participants. Participation in any of the Tattoo Museum’s programs constitutes an agreement by the participant and/or the parent or guardian to authorize the Tattoo Museum to photograph or film participants and/or their artwork from time to time, without compensation, for possible use in publicity, website, and marketing efforts.

Visiting the Tattoo Museum Website

Read what terms & conditions you accept when visiting the Tattoo Museum online in addition the Tattoo Museum’s rights & reproduction policy and privacy policy.