Leu Family Art – Tinguely Museum Basel


Art Leu Family. Caresser la peau du ciel Museum Tinguely, ​​​​​​​3 March – 17 October 2021 The Leu family is well-known among tattoo fans worldwide. In the late 1960s and 1970s, Felix and Loretta Leu used their tattooing skills to fund extensive travels with their four children Ama, Aia, Filip and Ajja. These years on the road were nourished by artistic curiosity, forming the basis for a distinct family cosmos. Featuring works by all members of the family, the exhibition offers a picture of this special universe. Museum Tinguely, 3.…

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Moving Forward Like A Locomotive

Fire and water makes steam, the steam pressure powers the cylinder pushing the piston that drives the wheels… We are right on track and moving forward! Building the foundation where dedication, dreams and inspiration will thrive! No Politics, Constructive Ideas, Swiss Tattoo Culture… Achieving Common Goals, Connecting People and Recognizing Accomplishments in Basel, Switzerland Saturday afternoon with the Family Leu… Long discussion with Loretta over varied topics, and lots of smiles from Filip, no politics only peace at the Leu family household… Sunday was a family day with Christian Ngyuen…

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