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Fundraising Efforts & Support

Personal letter from Dave Holm

On behalf of the Tattoo Museum in Basel, Switzerland

Greetings and salutations to Professional Tattoo Artists, Machine Builders, Supply Companies, Publishers & those of you interested in preserving the past and present history of tattooing.

I am asking you for some of your time, effort and energy for raising funds to benefit the future Tattoo Museum in Basel. Besides myself, there are other seasoned industry professionals working on this project who live and work here in Switzerland. 


Andy Gally, Jacquelin Spoerlie, Valentin Steinmann, Filip Leu, Werner Brunner, Lacky Grossenbacher, Christian Nguyen, Mick aka Michael Schraner are just a few local artists already involved in realizing this effort and supporting the cause. Besides yourself, I am reaching out to everyone I know for donations, promotion, support and sponsors.

Spread The Word

Tell your friends, colleagues, studio crew, etc as well to join us as Ambassadors to our beloved art and trade of tattooing.

Professionals like Stan Corona & crew at GTC’s, Nick Caruso, Eric Perfect, Yanni VeraTokyo Hiro, Elio Espana, Greg Laraigne, and many others have already jumped on board.

  • Please consider to donate a new or used Tattoo Machine to be added to our collection or submit one Sheet of Flash dedicated to the “TMB” Tattoo Museum Basel for fundraising efforts.

  • Do you have tattoo related Memorabilia, Old Flash, Photos, Convention Posters, Tools of the Trade (old jigs, frames, tubes, coils, colors, clip cords) etc that is collecting dust and would be better appreciated in a museum dedicated to preservation? The TMB will try to cover any shipping costs incurred if necessary.

In return the TMB will recognize you as an Ambassador for the TMB, via our online directory with your name, website, social media links, TMB contributions and contact information.

In closing, any and all social media shares, outbound link from your website, word of mouth mention, etc. that benefits our project helps to move forward are greatly appreciated.

You scratch our back and we`ll scratch yours…


Dave Holm

Tattoo Museum Basel | TMB

Basel, Switzerland

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