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2 Floors 1 Museum

Tattoo Museum Floor Plans – 2 Floors 1 Museum

Interior designing of the Swiss Tattoo Museum in Basel is complete!

Our floor plans for the Swiss Tattoo Museum have been finalized and we are now ready for implementing our ideas. The Tattoo Museum visitors will experience a cultural center with a Café/Lounge, Giftshop, 18 display cases, 20 Monitors/TVs and 1 Event stage.

Multimedia Presentation

Placement of the Monitors & TVs were a challenge in itself as each screen will hold themed content, each relating to a different subject of tattooing. Due to our lack of presentation space, a majority of our collection will be displayed digitally alongside tattoo collections from around the world.

Museum Collection

Fixed installations, the 18 antique and modern glass display cases on the upper level will present a wide variety of tattooing related objects. The Swiss Tattoo Museum collection offers a unique timeline experience of rare artifacts, artwork, publications, ancient and modern day tattooing equipment.

Tattooed Walls

Our walls will be covered, tattooed in the sense of covering the walls with artwork. Tattoo Flash, Drawings, Paintings, Photography and other artistic mediums.

The lower level will be featuring Tattoo Artists living and working in Switzerland in our Café/Lounge. Every month the museum will recognize and present two professional tattoo artists with their art, tattooing and a short biography.

Our museum walls on the upper level will feature a varied collection of artwork dedicated to International Tattoo Artists both living and deceased.

Interactive & Informational

Being an interactive multimedia museum, each object inside the museum will be accompanied with interactive Qcodes that contain informational outbound links to the artists, collectors & contributing museums. Preserving, Presenting and Recognition are three important goals that Swiss Tattoo Museum in Basel wants to achieve and thrive upon. Visitors to the Tattoo Museum will experience a fun,  interesting, interactive, informational museum Intranet built on international museum standards and offering an in depth look into the art world of tattooing.

Where We Are Now

We still have a lot of work ahead of us and need more volunteers & funds to complete this ever growing project. You can help and support the museum with donating financially or with your time spent volunteering… Each and every type of support is greatly appreciated!

Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram, Share with your friends & family, help us spread the word.  Swiss Tattoo Museum in Basel, Switzerland will hopefully open its doors on the 5th of June 2021.


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